Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Picture Play Date!

Next Tuesday (May 12th) lets have a picture play date at my house!

10am or so - I am not so much a morning person, but I'll have tea and coffee ready for us! and I'll warn Tony that ladies and babies will be descending on the house in the AM :)

Bring some product to take pictures of - we can use my indoor light set-up to take shots even with this dismal weather! Its just a closet, don't get too excited, its pretty ghetto-fabulous, but I am happy to share!

Bring your digi camera (you're welcome to take shots with my cameras, it'll be helpful to have your own as well, I've got a tripod and everything, so just bring your point-n-shoot)

Even if we fail at taking good product photography shots, it'll still be productive to swap ideas and help each other stay motivated about taking our own photography.

And we'll get to hang and snack and chit-chat.


maggie said...

i'll be there!
can't wait!

gemz said...

Sweet nectar!

Leah said...

I invited Kim! oooh Im crossing my fingers she can make it!