Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jammy jam!

okay, so its gonna be a two-parter sauvie's island trip and jam making! we will meet up to head out to sauvies island on monday (the 9th??). i think we can maybe do a little bit of carpooling, we can figure that out as we go, since i know there will be little ones involved and car seats. i'm up for carpooling with any of ya all! perhaps we plan on all getting to the island by 11 or so? Bunz, where's the strawberry patch?!

then Featherz house for the jam-making. Bunz has the skillz, and perhaps the supplies? I've got a big canning pot and tongs. What else do we need?

I'm excited! yay jam!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

June Handz meeting!

hey all you ladiez!

so I'm thinking that the next meeting is my house, and perhaps we could make Jam? I will check and see if it will be berry time yet, if not, perhaps we we could do some homebrewing?

and Mysticz should be back in town! yay! I kinda love that she was only gone for one meeting. Glad you are coming home where you three belong!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more pics

Orson was so happy when I told him we were going to craft day! He couldn't wait to fall asleep in Auntie Gemz's arms!

Orson loves his Auntie Bunz!

Micah is like the paparazzi... you never know when he's taking your picture!

You ladies looked lovely! Thanks for modeling!

The boys playing golf... too cute!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crafty Times with Mimosas

First I just want to make a shout-out to Ann in Minnesota - we miss you!!
Lots of pictures were taken today. I love this shot of this beach shot :)
And I love this picture of the pretty mimosa that Naomi took, tasted good too!
Fun times were had with mimosas and a prism project that will one day be finished.
Mica took some great pictures (best 4 year old photographer ever!)
I like this picture Mica took of Orson
Here are three natural born models :) ha!
Musical instruments are always good fun with a 4year old. I think some golfing happened in the backyard as well :)

Maggie took some great pictures of her new work, lots of playing around with white-balancing and different picture set-ups.

this last picture is funny to me - its like you're basking in the glow of the photography lights :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Some ideas I had whilst walking dogs

So i was brainstorming some future meetings of the Idle Handz, and heres my ideas in no particular order:

-beer/soda brewing
-canning (pickles, dilly beans, etc)
-jam (canning too i guess) raspberry, blackberry, etc. we could even make this a two day event with picking the berries at sauvies island first, then canning the next day. or we could all bring specific berries and can then.
-potluck cooking day. ya know, where you get a bunch of ingredients for specific meals, and then make big batches of them to divide up for our freezers.

hmmm. guess i have food on the brain right now! all my crafty ideas are food related.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Picture Play Date!

Next Tuesday (May 12th) lets have a picture play date at my house!

10am or so - I am not so much a morning person, but I'll have tea and coffee ready for us! and I'll warn Tony that ladies and babies will be descending on the house in the AM :)

Bring some product to take pictures of - we can use my indoor light set-up to take shots even with this dismal weather! Its just a closet, don't get too excited, its pretty ghetto-fabulous, but I am happy to share!

Bring your digi camera (you're welcome to take shots with my cameras, it'll be helpful to have your own as well, I've got a tripod and everything, so just bring your point-n-shoot)

Even if we fail at taking good product photography shots, it'll still be productive to swap ideas and help each other stay motivated about taking our own photography.

And we'll get to hang and snack and chit-chat.