Friday, April 24, 2009

Moving Day

Whew! Well, after much head scratching and box wrangling, we got the girls all packed into the moving van. It started kinda like Tetris, and ended with just throwing things in wherever and hoping that they all settled fine during the drive. Ann, you've got alot of stuff (I know, like I am one to talk)!

I've got no pictures, just wanted to say as near as I can tell, Ann and Ayla are ready to go! Hope to see some travel pics up on the blog when they get to their new home!

We'll miss you two at the market, and at idle handz day!



gemz said...

So sad! Post some pics please Ann! We'll miss you! Safe travels and lots of love & luck;)

Leah said...

you are already missed!

pictures please :) I am so sorry I couldn't come help out and say buh-bye.

Best of luck on the drive out!