Wednesday, May 20, 2009

June Handz meeting!

hey all you ladiez!

so I'm thinking that the next meeting is my house, and perhaps we could make Jam? I will check and see if it will be berry time yet, if not, perhaps we we could do some homebrewing?

and Mysticz should be back in town! yay! I kinda love that she was only gone for one meeting. Glad you are coming home where you three belong!



Erin said...

June meet sounds good! At the farmer's market I heard a vendor say berries will be in soon.

Hooray for Mysticz coming back!!! We can't wait to see her & little Ayla!

mystikz said...

We will be leaving tomorrow (Wed.) Ayla and I look forward to the next meeting and seeing you all again! ...Mysticz

Leah said...

welcome back Ann and Ayla!!!

hey are we meeting next tuesday or the second tuesday of the month?