Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crafty Times with Mimosas

First I just want to make a shout-out to Ann in Minnesota - we miss you!!
Lots of pictures were taken today. I love this shot of this beach shot :)
And I love this picture of the pretty mimosa that Naomi took, tasted good too!
Fun times were had with mimosas and a prism project that will one day be finished.
Mica took some great pictures (best 4 year old photographer ever!)
I like this picture Mica took of Orson
Here are three natural born models :) ha!
Musical instruments are always good fun with a 4year old. I think some golfing happened in the backyard as well :)

Maggie took some great pictures of her new work, lots of playing around with white-balancing and different picture set-ups.

this last picture is funny to me - its like you're basking in the glow of the photography lights :)


gemz said...

Thanks Leah!! That was fun! Missed you Ann!

Lashez said...

We had fun too! Thanks for modeling the skirts ladies! Oh, and thanks for letting Tunez hang with us. I hope Ann and Ayla are well, has anyone heard from her?

maggie said...

got news from ann- shes planning on being back in june! wow, its like she never left, and i LOVE it!

p.s. its kinda fun to have the boyz at the idle handz meetings. we should have a idle potluck when its hot outside!