Friday, January 29, 2010

next meeting

Hello All...It's almost Feb. and I was thinking if you all feel like driving a little south that I would host Feburary's meeting. I was thinking that we could work on nutz again. I have more walnuts here and I could pick up more supplies. Or if someone wanted to do something else that would be fine also. Ayla would love for Micah to come over and play with her and her toys!
Let me know what you all think.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beach Trip Pictures

Fun on the beach!!! Okay, so the video I uploaded in the last post (a montage of pictures) seems to not function... so this time I thought I'd just post a pile of pictures.
This is the house we rented! A view from the beach (our backyard!) and from the front (below)
and this was our beachCan you believe we had this beautiful beach to ourselves?!?! Okay, so on Friday other people and their dogs started showing up... but until then we had a huge empty beach for the dogs and kids to run.
The weather was insanely spectacular. In January? Wha?!
It was fun to play fetch with the dogs. Opal was actually the only one who really knows the drill and willingly brings the ball back. Go figure. But then she would get distracted by sparkly sea foam, and the gig was up.
Ayla was looking pretty in pink - her and Leafus are both beach bums. They couldn't get enough!
The sun set on night 2 provided the most amazing lighting for pictures. I love this shot of beautiful Ayla
Leafy was so happy on the beach (all the dogs were!) and his eye gunk even cleared up quite a bit while on the vacation. It was fun to see him in his element on the ocean. Who knew. I think this picture below, a blur Leafy running, might be my favorite from the whole trip!
Here are a couple more dog shots for your pleasureHere's Yeder Micah and Burnside all chilling on the beach at sunset.
And below is a shot of Naomi and Micah - the wind was blowing really hard and little Micah was getting it in his face, so Naomi picked him up and ran around with him. I do believe he was afraid they were going to get wet!The kiddos having a romantic meal together on afternoon - it was very cute, they shut the sliding door on themselves and ate together happily, and then afterwards they ran and played in the sun porch for a few minutes before they opened up the door so Opal cold get in. Opal was really bad about eating the kids food, she seemed to think it was hers. Puppies and babies. *sigh* All things considered, they all got along really well - the kiddos like to chant "O-pul" and the puppy liked to follow them around. Burnside was occasionally overwhelmed by the mayhem and had to take a couple of quiet time naps by herself. But she was happy to have so many laps to lay her head and get petted. We played a lot of golf on the beach - I loved that! Wack the ball as far as you can and then take off running to try and find it. That was great! Decent exercise too I might add! Here's Tim hitting the ball, then Yeder and then me. Brandon played as well on Friday, but I didn't get a picture of him running around in his shorts and no shoes. damn.
Here's Micah's little hands building a sand castle.

Friday night was an incredible sunset. So beautiful. I took about 120 pictures of it. Later that night we had a bonfire, short but sweet - as it started raining so we put it out and went inside. But that was good cuz we didn't want to kids to try and touch the fire and it was sorta cold anyways, however nice to light ourselves a bonfire none-the-less! And there were 2 fire-places indoors, so we went inside and lounged with an indoor fire.
Thanks for such a fun trip everyone! There are more pictures than just these few - a lot more! So I burned CDs for you all.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beach Prep Pictures

Look at these smiles! Kiddos in the giant Cosco shopping cart - that was my favorite part of the whole shopping trip! They really enjoyed themselves! Although I think they sorta tortured Naomi (Gemz you are so wonderful and tolerant!)

Breakfast at Bobs was fantastic. Macaw joined us :) Everyone got stuffed on good food and then we bought a bunch of flour and oats and bread. I love Bobs. And the company could not have been more outstanding... although we missed you Lashez and Orson! Your smiling faces would have been the icing on the cake!

Oooh I was thinking of making some cake for the trip :) Any preferences? Is there a mix out there for the red velvet?

Thanks for such a fun day! We all agreed the next crafty get-together will have to be at Lashez house so she can join us!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beach food!

Hey Ladiez,

Mysticz and I were discussing beach food. We're of the thought that we each should bring our favorite snackies/cereal/lunch fixins, and plan our dinners and perhaps breakfasts together? I know Yed said there was a grill, so thats an idea.

other ideas to kick around (and feel free to add your own)
bagel/french bread pizzas
stuffed pasta thingy, I can't remember what they are called right now! (bunz has a pasta maker I've heard)
fritatta (for breaky)

please add more! I'm also thinking we could pool our money when we get down there to go to the store to buy the ingredients that we don't have on hand. like the cold stuff, and whatnot.

shall we start an email food chain?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Felted Acorn Ornaments!

Hey Ladiez!

Here's my take on the felty acorn ornaments we blogged about in december! Thanks again a billion times Mysticz for gathering them, washing them, and bringing them down to the market for us to play with! I made a few more of them that don't have hangers, I now have to find a cute little dish (or birds nest) to display them in.

Was thinking about the beach trip: the walnut project I think would be GREAT. Also, bringing the embroidery we started. What else? Oh, vanilla vodka and kaluha, lots o that!
So excited, can't wait to go!

ps I LOVE all the pics from our Idle Christmas party!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crafty Bitch Cocktail


Here's our party pics... Thanks for hosting Naomi, Yeder & Micah! We had a fabulous time!
Micah & Ayla were quite the pair...

Ayla's beauty was irresistible...

Orson had a great time with Aunt Leah!

Post Christmas Party Pics

Classic Shot of Yed.

I love all the smiles;)