Wednesday, August 12, 2009

more pictures

Thanks for coming over - it was wonderful to see you all and the random crafts were great.
Check out the cute pictures of Ayla!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

august crafting

I had fun crafting with you all today (sorry I missed Gemz & Micah). Actually I meant to say I had fun eating and watching you all craft. Eating and talking is all my brain can handle these days. Here are my few pictures from today...
Orson loves his Aunt Leah (I think she snuck him some food)

Maggie, could you send me that Rockaway Beach rental name?

Ayla & Leafus (sp?) are too cute!

It was great to see you Ann! Thanks for answering my most recent mom-type questions.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

How Hilarious!

the Nut Love booth set up in my spot while I was not there :) I LOVE that!

Tuesday Aug 11th

hey Ladies

does this Tuesday work for everyone? If so - come on over! We'll get crafty!!

heres my addy:
9035 NE Sacramento
and time: 10am ish?

I bought some little drill bits for the bike nut concept and I have some elastic string... I've been trying to find some walnuts in the shell (so far no luck with the in-the-shell variety... this might be a task better done in the fall when trees are producing and we can raid Feather's parents front yard for nuts) but I believe I could at least find a bag of them somewhere so we could sorta prototype.

There is other crafty stuff we could do if the bike nutz fizzle... make stickers... party hats... making paper... making wind chimes... I have the supplies for any of this... or just chillin' and hanging out and enjoying each others company. Its supposed to be just a little over 80degrees on Tuesday and I have a big white picnic table just waiting for us to get crafty with.

Let me know if Tuesday will work and I'll have some drinks/snacks ready... I'll make sure I have coffee on hand at the very least :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

nutz for bikez

ummmmmmmm, so i got us a blog for the bike nutz. its i figure, if we really do take off with the bike nutz, we're gonna need a place to post the pictures. bunz can be in charge of the flickr feed, cause shes all about that.

if we decide that bike nutz aren't for us, i can get rid of the blog!