Monday, May 11, 2009

Some ideas I had whilst walking dogs

So i was brainstorming some future meetings of the Idle Handz, and heres my ideas in no particular order:

-beer/soda brewing
-canning (pickles, dilly beans, etc)
-jam (canning too i guess) raspberry, blackberry, etc. we could even make this a two day event with picking the berries at sauvies island first, then canning the next day. or we could all bring specific berries and can then.
-potluck cooking day. ya know, where you get a bunch of ingredients for specific meals, and then make big batches of them to divide up for our freezers.

hmmm. guess i have food on the brain right now! all my crafty ideas are food related.


Leah said...

brilliant ideas

gemz said...

Food is good.