Friday, April 24, 2009

Moving Day

Whew! Well, after much head scratching and box wrangling, we got the girls all packed into the moving van. It started kinda like Tetris, and ended with just throwing things in wherever and hoping that they all settled fine during the drive. Ann, you've got alot of stuff (I know, like I am one to talk)!

I've got no pictures, just wanted to say as near as I can tell, Ann and Ayla are ready to go! Hope to see some travel pics up on the blog when they get to their new home!

We'll miss you two at the market, and at idle handz day!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks for coming over!

The sun and the flowers and the good company, and oh the cake and bubbly - honestly I couldn't have had a nicer afternoon! It was so wonderful. Thank you guys for coming over on short notice.Mica was so amazing with the cameras! I am quite sure Erin's camera is full of great pictures as well... I had to make little video of all of the shots he took on my camera, they are all so awesome! Check it out:

Sunny Tuesday

Leah's Place

Worldly Instruments

Sleepy Boy

Tim showing Micah a cool intrument

Orson Moment with Leah & Micah

Flower Shot

Opal sleeping
Strawberry Bubbly

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ayla Birthday Pics

Sorry it took me so long to post my party pictures. It was great seeing you all! Thanks for being so sweet to Orson. Hope Ayla had a great first birthday!

Monday, April 13, 2009

What's that?

Ummmmmmmm yep, I's got a foster pup. Her name is now Opal, and shes friggin adorable and SKINNY. Just thought I'd share, I most definitly am not keeping her! (i know you will all be taking bets to see if thats true or not)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Monster Pics

Ayla looks like an angel!

Thanks for coming to our place! Gemz & Micah (he, Ayla, & Orson need nicknames) were missed!
Leah & Maggie- Orson hopes you were impressed by his ability to poop out the sides of his diaper! (so gross & so hilarious!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Monsters

Gemz we missed ya! Hope you and Mica had a fun day!
What did ya miss... hm... well Orson greeted me and Featherz with a seriously creative #2 action that ended up all over Lashez shirts pants and chair. So I got to pick out a new outfit for the little man and dress him after a little clean up. That was fun!

Later Ayla and Orson got to hang out a little, good stuff considering the arranged marriage in their future :)
And we did actually make some monsters (somewhere between playing with the little human critters and eatting yummy snacks - there was a little creating, although I didn't get any action shots, but I do think Tunez did some good documenting)
Here are the whole lot of little monsters - the first picture is just the ones I made (don't they look cute all lined up in a row!) but this big picture shows all of them. And they are all baked now and hard. Aren't they awesome

Missed Out!

I hope you ladies had fun! I was thinking of you:(
I'll see you at Ayla's bash Thursday.
Fill me in on what I missed;)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Orson & his market aunties

Hey ladies! Thanks for hanging out with me today! Hope no one missed out any big sales! Can't wait to see you all on Tuesday!