Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jammy jam!

okay, so its gonna be a two-parter sauvie's island trip and jam making! we will meet up to head out to sauvies island on monday (the 9th??). i think we can maybe do a little bit of carpooling, we can figure that out as we go, since i know there will be little ones involved and car seats. i'm up for carpooling with any of ya all! perhaps we plan on all getting to the island by 11 or so? Bunz, where's the strawberry patch?!

then Featherz house for the jam-making. Bunz has the skillz, and perhaps the supplies? I've got a big canning pot and tongs. What else do we need?

I'm excited! yay jam!

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Leah said...

Yeah for jammy jam canning!!

Materials needed:
- 2 big pots (one for jam, one for boiling the jars and lids)
- tong things to handle the boiling jars (I've got a set of these somewhere)
- sugar
- a thermometer (I'll steal Tim's for the day)
- jars (we may need to pick up extra jars... after picking the fruit we will know maybe how many we need)

I know Krugers Farm out on Sauvie's Island has u-pick strawberries... there might be other farms as well that have patches if Krugers is picked over