Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sweet Picking

Hey Ladies do you want to meet at mi casa on Monday for picking? I can be a car pool wench. I'd love to. I'm cool with that or if you have another idea, I'm game. Shall we do Monday morning at 10 a.m. for pickers.....?... Talk to you soon.

Also, I need to send an e-mail out about this:
If you ladies need an excuse to get out tomorrow at 5pm, we are meeting at Mint for a drink. They do great blends leaded or unleaded. It's Suzy Q's B-day! You know that Mugwump chic that never attends our crafty days... She likey to meet us! I think if we combined crafty time with Happy Hour some how she would show all the time!! She'd be Queen IHLA! Just sayin'.


Leah said...

sounds good to me... I can be at your house at 10am

featherz said...

can we do 10:30? i got a meeting at 9 and that won't give me enough time to get across town!