Friday, January 9, 2009

Tuesday Crafty Day!

Hey all, so I knowz I will see you all on Sunday at Lashez baby shower, but heres the goods on Tuesday!

its at Mysticz house, she'll have to send directions cause I know how to get there, but not how to tell you all how to get there. oh, also get there between 10 and 11 (closer to ten, but I know you all...)

We are making animals out of socks and those strechy gloves you get for $.97 at fred meyers, so bring a selection! here's the shopping list folks:
socks (cute ones, or ones that are missing their friends)
sewing needles (larger size for use with embrodery floss)
embroidery floss (if ya got it, i've got a ton)
buttons (for eyes and noses, I've got a bunch of these too)
stuffing (which I also have a bag, but if you've got some laying around bring it!)
felt, fabric scraps, etc for clothes

the book i got shows super cute, silly little animals. its another one of those crafty ideas from japan books i seem to be addicted to these days.

And I know they might be a pain, but I am puppysitting the Ruby over tuesday, and I don't really want to leave those two dogs at home all morning.... but Mysticz house is big, and I think they can run around with Leafus just fine... I don't want that Ruby eating my new leather chair!

See you all Sunday!

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