Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodies from the Ladies

So I walk in the Splurge today, and to my delight I see a sock doggy and cute box with glass goodies!!!! I don't deserve all this!! It's crazy! Micah loves it and has been holding the doggy named "Paco" and glass goodness in his pockets. I gotta negotiate with him to look at one of them. How do you negotiate with a four year old? Chuck e Cheese is definitely out of the question! It's just not my bag baby. Cup cakes!!

Sorry, back to my topic. Thank you ladies for the treats. I missed crafting with you bitchez! Happy Monday. See you Sunday;)


Leah said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better

Gems that is such a cute picture of your little man! I'm glad you and Micah liked your little glass gifts!

Did Kim take that picture? We were talking about kid photos while making the animals... this is the blog that Lashez and I were talking about:

gemz said...

It was all Kim Baby!

That blog is beautiful! Your images are awesome!!!!! The lighting is gorgeous! She (I'm assuming its a lady) does great work.
I wish I had she skills to take great photographs;)

Leah said...

Kim has the skillz! And yeah, the lady who does that blog has some serious skidizzles as well.