Monday, January 26, 2009

Felting Baby Slippers

So I read somewhere that we are meeting the first Tuesday of Feb and working on felted baby slippers, right? I checked out her highness' website and saw a very inspiring photo/how to of baby slippers. Super Sweet!!! I also liked the coasters, they look easy, sleek & chic;) This felting addiction is getting worse day by day. I need a 12 step program fast!


Leah said...

oooh the coasters are sweet!

I want felted adult slippers... can we do that?

Leah said...

i just checked out the design, it rocks! you can totally do adults, and it doesn't look too hard. most of the other things i found on the ol' internet are knitting patterns that you felt in the wash, thats too hard. Martha knows what is up.

gemz said...

Marty doesn't mess around;)