Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Slippers or Lamps?

Hi all! So, I'm cool with making slippers (adult or baby or both!) here at my place, the 1st tues. in February. But I just got an email from Featherz saying we'd meet at Gemz and make string lamps. Which I'm also cool with... so my question is... what do we want to do? I'm totally fine with either, I want slippers and I also want to make a lamp (Gemz's lamps look awesome and I wants some for my house!) Give your opinions please, my idle bitchez :)
*we missed you on Sunday Mysticz! hope all is well!


maggie said...

no no no! lamps in march, i am an idiot, and i wrote february, didn't I? SORRY! I guess I just can't believe that its gonna be february already!

Yikes! Sometimes I just don't know what I am sayiing...

Leah said...

i didn't get the email