Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sock Animals

Thanks Mystics for hosting such a wonderful get together! Gemz you were missed - feel better soon!

Our sock animals turned out fantastic! From left to right: Ann's Rabbit, Erin's Elephant, Maggy's Dog and my Monkey.
It was fun to see Ayla on her home turf, smiling and dancing and generally hamming it up. You can see she already loves her new bunny rabbit made from stripped gloves.


gemz said...

I was thinking about you bitchez today. All good thoughts...Love them animals!!! Wish I was there:( I've never been this sick. Feeling better today but damn.

Lashez said...

Thanks for hosting Mysticz & Ayla! I enjoyed attempting to create a sock animal (unfortunately my elephant looks like he's been up for days on a crack binge!) I would have loved to see what Gemz would've created... you were missed! I have some goodies from Bunz & Featherz for you (I'll leave them at Splurge.)

Leah said...

yeah I think my sock monkey is a crack dealer, and he got your sock elephant hooked! :)

Gemz I am so glad you are feeling better!