Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where do we get the colored thread? Do we need to pick up anything else?


Brandon said...

gemz told me michaels!

Brandon said...

um, whoops, the brando was still signed in when i wrote that there comment, this is featherz!

gemz said...

That's funny!!!!

Michael's has different colors of crochet thread. If we get a chance, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to pick up a color. If you see a stiffy, grab one too. I'll pick some upas well. These lamps eat alot of stiffy (fabric stiffner) & thread. I have the big white thread. I have balloons too. Are we ladies good for this Tuesday at 10?

mystikz said...

I don't know about a stiffy!, but I will look for the crochet thread.
Tuesday is good for me and Ayla of course. When ever Lashes and lil'ownen is able to make it I would love to see them also!!! I would like to pick up some variety of colors for us...Mysticz..