Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm looking forward to getting my craft on with you ladies! Are we making those sweet-ass hanging pod lamps?
I picked this up at Ikea the other day... its $3.99... its the light cord for making our own lamp things... is this what we need Gemz?


gemz said...

Yeah Sweet! I think I have an extra one. Lemme know what colors we might want for these babies. I'll pick up the crochet thread & stiffy & balloons. The big rolls of thread last long, but they only come in white or beige. The colorful thread can make 1 lamp (med size). I was thinking we can add color to the white/beige lamps like stripes, flowers etc...It's all good.

featherz said...

bright colors! i dunno, pinks blues oranges lime? one of each? so much fun!