Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clay Magnet Creations

Just thought I'd touch base about the next crafty get-together... polymer clay goodness... I picked up a multipack of colors of clay, each piece is only 1 little oz though, so if there is a color (like orange?) that may be popular, should I pick up more of those certain colors? Post in the comments if there are certain colors we might need more of.
Maggie said she'd bring some magnets, and I'll have the clay, the only other things necessary are tools (like exacto blades and other nifty clay tools) of which I have some, but if you want to bring some little tools, by all means please do.
The wonderful little clay critter magnets in the picture above are made by Meredith Dittman - check out her sweet website at - see her amazing polymer clay creations and her sweet-ass site!! I can't think of better inspiration!!

Oh and the meeting date, any opinions? Tuesday - April 7th or April 14th - either works for me.

I'll see you all this weekend


gemz said...

Love it!! I have a box of magnets we can use to. And some polymer clay.

Lashez said...

So cute! I'm hoping to attend April's meet... kinda depends on if Tunez can drive me and if Orson is cooperating. (and if I can walk and see clearly :) I miss you guys! I need my crafting gals (& gossip!)