Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Crafting Location

Hi all! Just wondering who was hosting April's craft day... Leah is it you? If we wanted to meet here I'd be more than willing to have it! I don't want to break any idle rules or step on any crafty toes. Let me know when and where we want to meet. Hope you're all doing well!


gemz said...

I can't resist a chance to hold Orson again!!!!!

Lashez said...

He loves to be held by you! (he's so comfy he fills his diaper :)
He also loves his Aunt Leah! I can't wait to introduce him to Maggie, Ann and Ayla.

Leah said...

yeah lets have it at your place - I was going to suggest that to make it easy on the new baby - we can do my pad any time

date: next tuesday (April 7th)
place: Lashez apt.
Host: Orson :)

I'm so looking forward to that! I was just about to call you and ask if you'd like to have IHLAC at your apt...

maggie said...

works for me! are we still making monsters?

Leah said...

Ill bring the clay! and Im sure I can gather up some tools from around my house... or bread knives will do!

although if we just end up playing with baby Orson, I certainly wouldn't be surprised or disappointed!