Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Warm thoughts to Mysticz

Hey Ladies! Spoke with Mysticz today... her power is out! I offered her our couch but she declined as she has a fireplace to keep warm (& her food is out in the snow so it won't spoil). I've been feeling sorry for myself lately because I feel like a shut-in. I keep wandering the apartment in my nightgown, I really want to go to the fabric store or grocery or Splurge but Tunez just shakes his head no :( Being almost 8 months preggo in a snow/ice storm is no fun but after chatting with Mysticz I realize how lucky I am! Give her a call if you get a chance (although I think she has to sit in her car to charge her phone). Hope you all are doing well, stay safe & warm. Sounds like we're not missing much at market.
I think we should do a recipe exchange... it's funny that I don't mind cooking & cleaning, but the major projects I need to tackle here just don't seem to be getting done. Maybe I'll be more motivated after the holidays & the "official" end to the market season.


Leah said...

oh Lashez! Now I want to visit you tomorrow! I am all out and about! although, its strictly by train and it takes hours to get anywhere! (crazy mo fos out on the roads! I have helped push a couple of people out of drifts!)

Lashez said...

Oh, I hope I didn't make myself sound too pathetic! Feel free to call me a drama queen! I think I'm just oddly having a hard time adjusting to not killing myself sewing, doing the dreaded non-stop festival days & getting ready to fly to Chicago for our typical whirlwind family visits. Thanks for your sweet thoughts Leah!

maggie said...

I'm glad the snow is gone, I think that it kinda ruined my christmas spirit (but maybe thats just cause it ruined my christmas sales). I just got back from the beach and my vacation is over and I'm feeling kinda sad. gotta shake out of it! can't wait to see all you ladiez in january!