Friday, December 12, 2008

Pioneer Square was wicked today!! Booths were flying, glass was crashing. Featherz & I skipped out early, after we got some card making in;) Ohh and felting too. Crazy Featherz decides she wants to felt a Birthday cake for Micah. Chocolate. It was cute!!!!! She also made a flippin' broccoli!! It feels good to make other shiz for a change. Maybe I'll start a felting card business on the side.... JK;)

See you ladies in 8 hrs. I just have to add that these crafting meets are therapeutic! I think of excuses to cancel because I got deadlines( like all of us), but when I surrender & go, I'm delighted!!!! I'm tickled pink!!


featherz said...

me too, crafting and bullshitting with yous guys is the best ever. and am i happy or what that we all decided to skip out on sunday market?!

i gotta go to bed, get my beauty sleep so i can bake some cookies tomorrow!

Lashez said...

I can't wait for our next session! Crafting & therapy & snacking are 3of my favorite things! And you ladies are some of my favorite peeps! Hope everyone has a happy sunday away from market! (I am slightly concerned gemz is gonna sneak back & vend in spite of the weather... she's hardcore!)

gemz said...

I act like I'm hardcore, but last night I bought all kinds of shiz to bake cookies!!! Micah had frosting all over his face. Burnstar had frosting on her. What a big hot mess! We even made Spanish Coffees;) I'm glad I'm not at Market ladies;)