Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Friday thoughts & Dreams

I plan to be there on Friday. I was going to do tomorrow but, I need a day to make shiz! Not that I'm running low or anything. It's a disorder... I need an intervention! They were wrong about Today, maybe it will just be rainy????

Hey chicas, check out Saturdays Oregonian in the living/fashion section. Mrs. Viv snapped a photo of me in Lashez's caplet I was coveting! If I had time, I would of worn a mobi on my sleeve, a flower pin on my hat, Mysticz earrings combined with mine and a vinyl bag to tie it all together;) I would of pimped us all out!


I had too much coffee and therefore cannot take full responsibility for my words printed on the interview.

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Lashez said...

Friday looks like it'll be dry & 35 degrees, I've forgotten if that's cold or not! My vote (in the Lee household) is still to sell Friday & Saturday... & then just see what the weather does from there. Today we head to the midwife... I don't want to step on the dreaded scale! I've been eating quite a bit since we've been stuck indoors... I've left the house only once, but that was to walk to the grocery to buy more food!