Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hey Ladiez,

you all worried about the weather for the market? what are your plans for the end of the season?

Heres my house on sunday, thank goodness we all had enough sense to stay home! I'm hoping that I can still make it down to the festival on friday, but we'll see....



Leah said...

man o man I dunno. I think we gotta see how this week pans out.

today it is beautiful and sunny and I am picking up my car from the shop!

Lashez said...

Mother Nature has the worst timing ever! If the weather permits, I'd like to sell on Friday. (Tunez isn't so optimistic) I might have a heart attack if we don't vend on Saturday. The forecast for Sunday looks pretty bleak... but maybe they're wrong!
I had a dream that Featherz (being a native to Oregon) said the weather sometimes turns completely around & Paintz was going on a picnic!
*Keep me posted on all your plans!

Lashez said...

Congrats on getting your car back Bunz! Yay!