Monday, June 8, 2009

Pictures of Strawberry Picking

We picked 25 lbs of berries!
Plenty of berries for jam making.
Here's a pic of the ladies picking
And here's Micah getting some sun :)
Micah picked a few berries with us, but I couldn't get him to eat one!
Here are the kiddos in the strawberry patch
I can't say I picked very many of the berries :) I was too busy hanging out with the cute kids. I'm so glad my friends have great kids!
The baby in the picture below was not with us, I don't know who he is, but he was so cute crawling around in the patch! I had to take a picture of him :)
Here is Orson in the snuggly, checkin out the pregnant pig

And wait - Orson says Time Out! Where are all the cute baby pictures of me!?!? He knows that Aunty Leah took 5 zillion :)
Here they are:


Erin said...

Love the pictures Leah! Thanks for taking such good care of Orson, he can't stop talking about the day!

gemz said...

So sweet!!! Nice pics! Thanks Leah;)

gemz said...

Micah can't stop singing your strawberry song! Thanks for letting a tot hang with you!

Leah said...


I didn't mean to torture you and Yed with the silly strawberry song all night! I was just being stupid, I think I relate well to a 4 year old :)