Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Monsters

Gemz we missed ya! Hope you and Mica had a fun day!
What did ya miss... hm... well Orson greeted me and Featherz with a seriously creative #2 action that ended up all over Lashez shirts pants and chair. So I got to pick out a new outfit for the little man and dress him after a little clean up. That was fun!

Later Ayla and Orson got to hang out a little, good stuff considering the arranged marriage in their future :)
And we did actually make some monsters (somewhere between playing with the little human critters and eatting yummy snacks - there was a little creating, although I didn't get any action shots, but I do think Tunez did some good documenting)
Here are the whole lot of little monsters - the first picture is just the ones I made (don't they look cute all lined up in a row!) but this big picture shows all of them. And they are all baked now and hard. Aren't they awesome


featherz said...

you rock! already done, and they look so GOOD and Professional with their pictures taken in your set-up!

excellent idle hands project!

gemz said...

Nice!!!!!! It kills me! I must make monsters!@#@$#@%$#^%$#^