Friday, February 27, 2009


Hey ladies! I know we are crazy buzy with the Market starting and possibly giving birth!
Let's make some time for some creating. Do you want to meet the 2nd Tues of March in mi casa? I promise it will be fun;) Correct me if I'm wrong, I think Lashez is officially on maternity leave from this idle group?

See you tomorrow!


Lashez said...

Um, I might feel the need to be social! My mom will most likely be in town, we were chatting about the craft group and she volunteered to take my place :) (she loves to craft) Anyways, depending on how I feel and approval from you idle ladies, I might show up with a baby and my momma.

Leah said...

how cute! your mom could totally craft with us!

gemz said...

Hellz yeah! I gotta stop this gangsta in me from wanting to type... That would be lovely Lashez!

featherz said...

The more the merrier! maybe between your mama and you trading off wee wong you can make a lamp or two! I can't wait to meet him (and as i am writing this i have no idea if he has shown up yet, but i'll find out today, since its MARKET DAY!!