Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Little Log Cabin for a Night

It may look small - but this little log cabin had 4 bedrooms and a giant laundry room, an ingenious setup for the bathrooms with one full bath with a half bath right next to it. Brilliant. And so quaint! It was really nice.
This is the view from the back, we used the fire place inside rather than the big fire pit outside, but either way it was a fun house for building fires.
I loved the wooden features of this house, like the neato door fixtures. Every wall seemed to contain drawers and doors to little closets.
This ladder/stairs led up to the second floor where all the small kiddo bedrooms were.
The little door at the end of this room led to a small balcony
rope fire-escapes (and you can see Ayla climbing into the little mini built in bed)
this mini bed was just adorable - Ayla even slept in it for a few hours!
there were four bedrooms in all, somehow no pictures of the master bedroom on the first floor
playroom for the kiddos
we had a lot of fun in the little cabin - Naomi baked Yed a cake
there was some coloring
and game playing
and lots of spanish coffees!


Naomi said...

Chill out on the Spanish coffees no?

Leah said...

you make a tasty Spanish coffee! and honestly I think we only drank 2 each :)