Friday, November 5, 2010

Cheers to Yeder's Happy Birthday!

What a fun trip! Happy Birthday Yed! We took a zillion pictures (thanks ladies for helping out!) and I still haven't looked at them all yet... but here is a taste...
cake and pizza at the log cabin

these 3 fuzzy pictures of laughter were the first 3 pictures to come off my camera from the trip - they may not be in focus, but I love them, the really encompass what it felt like to be sitting at that table!
your cute kiddos - holding hands :) - and holding sticks (to poke snow and smack trees with)
there was a lot of snow! not enough to ski, but we went on a fun hike
and it was great snowball snow!

Timberline Lodge was beautiful - as was the mountain - more pictures to come


Erin said...

sorry we couldn't go! looked like fun!!!

Naomi said...

Nice shots! Fun! How many Spanish coffees did we have?

maggie said...

i will be there next time! i wanna sleep in the kiddie bed!