Friday, May 28, 2010


This is Ayla saying good morning to the neighborhood :)

and below is a picture of horses crossing the road in the reservation... the one running on the far left side of the picture stood right in front of the car for a while and tried to stare us down! This is the one I was telling you guys about! I was so intimidated I didn't get a picture!

Here is little Ayla introducing me to our teepee!
nd Micah is getting nut guts out of walnut shells in this picture
we played some put put

Big THANKS to Yeder for pulling this all together. It was really a blast. Campfires, smores, hamburgers, cocktails and glittered nutz. What a day. To top things off - the pool was wonderful. I am sure glad to have finally seen some sun.

I am sure you gals have many more better pictures than me - I just couldn't help but put up what I had!


Erin said...

love it. sigh. wish we were there!

Naomi said...

Nice pics Leah! Wish you were there too Erin;)

maggie said...

I love me some kahneetah! we have to go back!