Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hi There!

Just trying out my new computer configuration, and thought I'd make it a post! Yesterday Brandon got most of the rest of his shiz out of what is now MY house, and so last night Christina and I moved my computer to its new place by the window! I just hooked all the computery bits back together, and amazingly, its working! I now can sit by my window and watch my chickens scratching in the yard, or, like now, keep an eye on Opal and make sure she's not getting into things she shouldn't. Shes sitting on the porch watching the road. hee hee!

Thanks again to Yed for making our Idle Handz trip work! I believe he is the trip master for our group, he needs an offical title.

Hope Splurge is excited about its new bike nutz, I want to see pictures of them up in the store pronto! Oh, just had an idea: a sample bike seat display with a pair of happy golden boyz nutz on it! I can see it now....

Love you all! Thanks for being there!

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Naomi said...

Nice!!! Yed is working on a display now. It's a bike seat on a stand and I'll post pics pronto!