Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday at the Market

I stopped by the YedOmi booth and played with Micah today - he had legos in his "market"! And his Momma helped him set up a market tram and an elevator for his huge lego tower (aka string - but we all know cool when we see it!).
Pictures taken with my little point n' shoot, with a Jelly Lens stuck on it to make it look like a "wide angle shot"

See you can see a lego guy getting attached to the elevator...
Can you see in the background under the table the little girl who's mom is shopping and she wants to play with us! How cute is that?!
Yep, here two little lego people are in the elevator. Going up please :)
What a tall tower Micah created!
none of these pictures were edited... I just had to share them here on the blog. A little kid fun for the ladies... Micah is awesome. And these random pictures I happened to take while playing legos with him are just simply fun.


Naomi said...

Thanks for the pics Leah. You won his heart again by playing with legos!

mystikz said...

I wish I was playing legos insted of playing jewelry sales lady. Great job Leah and Micah!

Leah said...

for once I wasn't flagrantly abandoning my booth! Tony was there to help out, it was the end of the day, and it was simply AWESOME.