Friday, April 9, 2010

Ayla's Second Birthday!

Ayla is two today and it was just so adorable getting to see her celebrate a birthday. She looked scrumptious in her little turquoise and brown party dress and greeted us with a bubbly "HI!" jumping up and down all the while. How cute is that!
I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked... somehow I didn't get a shot of her new beloved bicycle and tricycle... but I did take pictures while she blew out her candles (although she didn't really blow, she just leaned in and Maggie helped with a little puff of air to get things rolling)
Birthday Hug!
I thought it was so fun to see how she seems to understand the whole birthday gig now - or at least she gets it that it was a party! She was unwrapping presents like a pro (sorry this picture isn't so good... really my photo-skillz were off last night)
This last picture is a Martha portrait... :) ... carpool down to Willsonville meant I got to see Maggie's chickens and they were so lively "bwauk"ing at me and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. I like this one.


Naomi said...

Sweet pics Leah!

featherz said...

that is a great picture of Martha! and thanks for driving us down, tim is a much better driver in the dark than i am!