Sunday, January 10, 2010

Felted Acorn Ornaments!

Hey Ladiez!

Here's my take on the felty acorn ornaments we blogged about in december! Thanks again a billion times Mysticz for gathering them, washing them, and bringing them down to the market for us to play with! I made a few more of them that don't have hangers, I now have to find a cute little dish (or birds nest) to display them in.

Was thinking about the beach trip: the walnut project I think would be GREAT. Also, bringing the embroidery we started. What else? Oh, vanilla vodka and kaluha, lots o that!
So excited, can't wait to go!

ps I LOVE all the pics from our Idle Christmas party!


mystikz said...

Great Job! I was just thinking about the acorns today.

Naomi said...

You rock---These are lovely! Earrings please;)

Our walnut project needs a code name. It's highly classified as it's at the finishing stages:o)

Operation Wally.