Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beach food!

Hey Ladiez,

Mysticz and I were discussing beach food. We're of the thought that we each should bring our favorite snackies/cereal/lunch fixins, and plan our dinners and perhaps breakfasts together? I know Yed said there was a grill, so thats an idea.

other ideas to kick around (and feel free to add your own)
bagel/french bread pizzas
stuffed pasta thingy, I can't remember what they are called right now! (bunz has a pasta maker I've heard)
fritatta (for breaky)

please add more! I'm also thinking we could pool our money when we get down there to go to the store to buy the ingredients that we don't have on hand. like the cold stuff, and whatnot.

shall we start an email food chain?


Leah said...

check your email :) I sent sumthin earlier today!

I was thinking of going out to Bob's to get some cheap bulk flour (pastry wheat) and maybe pancake mix and/or oatmeal... whatcha think?

Naomi said...

I'll go with you;)

Naomi said...

Leah I'm game for cosco too:)

mystikz said...

Ayla and I can go to cosco also. she may not be much help, but we can try. If I think of anything more I'll email...