Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hi Ladies. Everyone cool with the third Tuesday at mi casa? Lamps! I got the threaded lamps ready & stands too if you like. We just need to give them our own special touch. Color (they are all white), beads, feathers, more thread, sigh...the possibilities.
Now I need to catch a flight.
P.S. Could you check on Yed at Market this weekend? Make sure he stays in the booth with his game face on;)
See you soon!


Erin said...

sounds good to me! have fun in el paso! i can't believe you were still up at 2am (actually i can), when your flight was leaving so early!

Leah said...

sounds good to me! hope you have a great trip!!

mystikz said...

Ayla and I will be there with some good eats and such...see ya soon

maggie said...

I want to hear crazy family stories! CRAZY only! Okay, good ones too. Have fun!

Naomi said...

Thanks ladies! I will bring the crazy!