Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pumpkin getting?

Hey all you lovely ladiez!

Gemz and I thought it might be fun to go to the Island and get some punkins to carve! Perhaps we just go and get the pumpkins, drink some cider, and ride the hay ride, and save the carving for our various homes. Cause well, you know those pumpkins don't last when the get carved to early!

Sooooooooooo, what Tuesday works for you all? I know Mysticz is got alot of October (and Leafy is staying at my house), so I don't know if any Tuesday will work for her! The 13th, 20th, or 27th? I vote for the 20th, cause I don't think I will be working that night cause I'm teaching class! Also, if any of you want to come and make some felty earrings, I will be teaching the class that night and might be happy to have a few more bodies to fill it out! I promise not to charge ya!

Okay, lets discuss! Adn hey, lets think on some new projects for november and december! Do you want to make cards again? I could probably host that one at the Woodstock Collage, could be good, hang out in the classroom with lots of space and light. Also a coffee shop nearby and all the supplies we could want!


Erin said...

Hmmmnn... the 20th is Naomi's Birthday! Does she want to celebrate at the pumpkin patch? I'm open to most days... although Orson & I might need a ride.

Naomi said...

Sounds lovely! I'm game for all of this;)

Leah said...

me too!!

mystikz said...

I was thinking about that today. I will be gone that week. How about the 13th? or maybe a different day of the week?