Thursday, November 6, 2008

Too much social hour makes me crazy!

Well If you didn't sell at the Bank Corp Tower....good move. I would really like to thank the One (Sweet) lady that bought earrings from me. She might have purchased a piece of my soul... Also the ladies that couldn't figure out if I was selling bracelets or earrings, I apologize to those ladies for that shitty look on my face. I might of had a crinkled nose too! I'm working on correcting that.

I did have ALOT of valuable social time with some crafty bitchez! Now I even have an antennae cozy to show for it(Thanks Featherz)! Also, I realized that if I were a dog, I'd be a black lab/ border collie mix. I think people think I'm crazy. Crazy enough to be an idle hands BITCH! Can I throw the word classy in there somewhere? I think Vinylz might swing into our meetings sometime. She's coming around. See you Sat ladies;)


featherz said...

hee hee, hows that cozy treating you? Started the laundry room project today, got the ceiling painted and the first coat of blue on the wallz... will update you saturday!

Lashez said...

Sorry the show was a bummer... I was hoping you girlies were raking it in! I guess I'm glad I stayed home and worked on a new product line. Hopefully this weekend treats us all to some much needed $$$!