Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Inaugural Idle Bitchez meeting!

Is that how you spell inaugural? I guess it is cause spellcheck liked it. Hey Idle Bitchez, I had a freaking awesome time making some felted birdz with ya! And I am pleased to be the first to post pictures of our party on the blog. Ha!

So here you all are, lovely ladiez, drinkin' the tea and admiring the wool:

The wool gettin' ready to be made into birdz:

And our darling birdiez nesting! We are some crafty bitchez!

I'm thinking I will try a four legged critter next, perhaps my parent's westie, bailey. If it turns out, I will bring it on down to the market before I give it to them for christmas...

So, next up is Christmas cards! Or, cause I know some of you have card ideas already that may not require a whole lotta stampin', you can make gift tags, or decorate envelopes, or make thank yous, or who knows what!


Lashez said...

Great pictures featherz (& great job teaching)! I had a fabulous time! Thanks to all for bringing such yummy snacks! I think I'm obsessed with felting ... I've made 7 birdies total!

gemz said...

HOT DAMN THAT WAS FAST!! FAST BLOGGING & 7 BIRDS?!!!! ok i NEED TO git me some wool! Now!!

It was fun hanging with you ladies;) Micah tore the birds from my hands as soon as I walkied in the door. He liked the fat yellow one:)
4 hours fly when your felting. We should have a blood bond and tattoo
"Felters Forever" in old E. Sorry ladies it's that mexican blood that runs through me, makes me say all kinds of crazy.

featherz said...

ann just called me to find out where i got the felt on etsy, so i'll post it here when i find that seller again. we've all got the bug man! and i think it should be "FELTAS FOREVA" but sadly, i haven't got a good blood reason for that, i'm just a boring white girl.