Friday, September 3, 2010

Beer Making Night 3 - We Bottled!

Maggie's homegrown hops are all dried, bagged and in the freezer for her next beer concoction!
Everyone helped stick the labels to the bottles
We stamped the labels with skull themed stamps from Maggie's collection... there were 3 types of beer bottled
Nisey stamped the awesome labels for the party beer - tba - party at the Campos'! Beer will be ready after only 10 days!
Naomi stamped the bad ass labels for the IPA
this is all the pictures I took... I guess I didn't leave the table much to go outside and take a picture of our men drinking and bottling.

my favorite line of the night (from Micah):
"I'm gonna get this party started. But first I gotta go outside and make some beer."

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