Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ladies, I know we've been busy but seriously!

We haven't posted in a month and a half? What gives? We are bad Idle Hands Folk!

Hmmm, well, it has been a busy summer for all of us, what with Mysticz and her little one moving in with me (Featherz), assorted craft, gift, and art fairs for Bunz and Gemz, and now Lashez and her big family move this month! No wonder we haven't been blogging! But we need to, so ladies, its a challenge!

I will try to get pictures tomorrow evening of glittering some nutz. Oh, speaking of nutz, the Bike Nutz are coming along! I made enough money selling the nutz in my booth at the market to afford to get the packaging die cut made, should have that any day now. And I altered some of the packaging to have our blog and etsy store on it!

I've thought of a couple local podcasts with alot of listeners that are bike friendly to send some Nutz to, so they can spread the word. I think they will, at least one of them is a good friend of mine, and they all like bikes!



Erin said...

seems like our hands are definately not idle :) Have fun glittering the nutz tonight... I will be at home packing... I miss our meetings! I would love to host a meeting in September (I'll come up with something fun?!)

maggie said...

september is yours! have fun packing!

Naomi said...

What gives! Heehee. I'm delirious!