Monday, December 28, 2009


Hey Ladies! It's our Post Christmas Party;)
When? Monday, January 4, 2010 at Seven pm.
Where? Mi Casa

I stopped by Collage today and chatted with Maggie;) My brain didn't function due to the high level of crafts per square foot. Sorry Maggie! We discussed the party a bit.

Can you think of a signature drink we can serve? We'll have beer & wine for sure. Somthin' goooood......I'll get the signature drink and chips n dips.

Maggie is getting some nibbles like mini tacos and things.

Boys Welcome;)

Just bring a nibble or bevie of choice and we have ourselves a little party!


Naomi said...

Maybe we can squeeze in a mini bike nut session;)

Leah said...

signature drink with vanilla vodka? I'll come prepared!

maggie said...

i wanna drink vanilla vodka! sweet!
sooooooo excited, gonna be more fun than new years eve!

maggie said...
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