Monday, November 2, 2009


can I host this time? Next week (the 8th is it?)?

I wanna embroider! I've got lots of patterns (thanks Gemz), and hoops and needles and thread. I can get more tea towels from work, or you can bring a patch of fabric to sew on, or clothes or pillowcases or whatever!

I've also got some patterns I've been designing, and I want some feedback! pretty please.

And Mysticz wants to work on the magnet words, so bring some choice phrases and words to incorporate into the Idle Handz Fridge Poetry Sets! I've even discovered printable magnetic sheets, so once we design it, we can just print and cut it up! genius!


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Leah said...

yes! the 10th?

I miss you ladies - this flu has floored me. I'm so sorry for not being able to help you move Ann :(

But I am getting healthy now and embroidering tea towels sounds wonderful! Thanks Maggie for the invite