Tuesday, August 11, 2009

august crafting

I had fun crafting with you all today (sorry I missed Gemz & Micah). Actually I meant to say I had fun eating and watching you all craft. Eating and talking is all my brain can handle these days. Here are my few pictures from today...
Orson loves his Aunt Leah (I think she snuck him some food)

Maggie, could you send me that Rockaway Beach rental name?

Ayla & Leafus (sp?) are too cute!

It was great to see you Ann! Thanks for answering my most recent mom-type questions.


Naomi said...

Nice pis Erin! Missed you guys! Thank you ladies for letting me vent. I could of held back a little. As Suzanne would say, "I had diarrhea of the oral cavity." Just want to say how lucky I am to know you ladies!

BTW, Mysticz, when is your Birthday? I realized it's not in my calendar. Gracias:)

Naomi said...

Oops, I meant pics Erin. That was sooooooooo classy.

Leah said...

hehe - I loved hearing stories of the wedding, and I am looking forward to seeing pictures.

Last night I was chilling under my tent listening to the rain and thinking a flowered paper lamp would be brilliant out there under the canopy for at night... :) I'm looking forward to getting crafty with them and taking you up on your most generous offer!

maggie said...

north coast beach rentals!