Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

It was such fun celebrating Lashez b-day at the market today. Its so awesome that you guys have a space you can hang out in behind your booths.
Here is Micah finally getting to eat cake.The hats were a little small *woops* next time they need longer elastic strings. The party decorations were perfect!
Heres a picture of Orson with a party hat set on his cute little head.
Such a cutie!
The cake was beautiful by the way - Gemz you did well!
I just love this last picture, Micah in his party hat and the orange balloons.


Naomi said...

You are lightning fast on the blog post Leah!!! Thank you darlin!!! Coming to the market on your day off? Priceless!!! The hats rocked;)

Erin said...

I'm still smiling! You all completely surprised me! I am so lucky to have such awesome friends! Orson is also very lucky... he keeps cooing about Sunday...

featherz said...

I think we may need to party every sunday. I swear the day went by a bazillion times faster! Thanks for having a birthday Erin!